About PU3

The brilliance and ingenuity of finding the perfect path is evident in Putri Azalea and Putri Yasmin’s electic style that ranges from high luxe to funky fresh, whilst always keeping an important finger on the market. 

The mother of the twins, Raja Noora Ashikin, who is the third ‘princess’ in their family has been the ultimate inspiration to the girls. As a whole, it all fits perfectly for the three ladies of the household to come together for PU3.  The epitome of PU3 is the idea of twins: the stark contrasts and different styles, as much as they are identical. The close relations and idiosyncratic distinctions between the two and their mum is what makes PU3 extraordinarily edgy - the ‘collision’ of ideas, the creativity and imagination resulting in a surprisingly amazing synergy of the opposites.
Their debut in 2006 was hard to miss. PU3 tapped into something completely new at the time and it wasn’t about outlandish gowns or complex avant-garde design, it was all about ready to-wear. And it is ready to-wear that has remained PU3’s strength till today.
PU3 represents women who appreciate the simple modernity of clothing that places the utmost attention to design, texture, details and quality.
After almost 5 years of presence in the local fashion industry, PU3 has rebranded itself to a more sophisticated look on their everlasting passion for fashion without compromising the excitement in the process.
Pret-a-Porter is PU3’s main strength, offering accessible ready to-wear stylish fashions to a market that ranges from college girls to celebrities and the Who’s Who in Malaysia.
PU3’s capacity to cater to an up-market demand is reflected in their show-stopping red carpet dresses. PU3 Couture offers made-to-measure dresses for the ladies who has a distinct sense of style, classy and elegant but not over-the-top. The creative minds behind PU3 and the business acumen they possess can only mean that the brand will pave the way for greater success.
With the opening of their new boutique at The Intermark, which is Kuala Lumpur’s latest skyline, and their yearly showcase of latest collections at Malaysian International Fashion Week (M-FIW), PU3 have been paving their emblazoned path without any thought of slowing down. One can only expect more of PU3 in the fashion industry